The Cadet Diaries #1

The Cadet Diaries #1


YP reporter Joyee's colourful desk
YP reporter Joyee's colourful desk
Throughout the year, Young Post hosts a number of students to work full-time in our office for a period of two weeks. Here, the cadets will gain some valuable hands-on experience on what it's like to have a 9-5 job, working for a newspaper, shadowing reporters on assignment and participating in any of the wackiness that goes on here. The cadets will share their stories at YP in a series of blogs.

Walking through the doors of the unassumingly bleak structure, I was surprised to find a vast expanse of desks, neatly arrange out around the main atrium inside. I must admit, I was surprised by the scale of the interior. We work in one massive room, split into different levels with walkways slicing the large airy space that runs down the middle of the building.

I’m not sure what I was expecting the workplace to be like when I arrived here on Monday morning. Perhaps something like the loud bustling work floors on Mad Men, or the ridiculously dull-looking office spaces from the TV show The Office. But the skylights, relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, antique press units on display and among other things caught me off-guard.

Right now, I am sitting behind a neat little desk, watching two reporters toying with nunchucks in the aisle. THIS, is certainly not what I was expecting. People are joking, colourful balloons are on my right, and desks are decorated in everything from Christmas baubles to golden embellished party crowns to a mini-forest of plants and pinwheels.

As far as work is concerned, people are definitely working hard on producing quality articles. But it’s not like people are shut off into cubicles consisting primarily of over-breathed air and mundane sticky note reminders. The computer screens show an array of colours, fonts, and websites. In fact, right now to my left there is a picture of the stunning Ryan Gosling gazing out of the screen, looking oh-so-cool.

I myself have worked on a few different articles in my time here; top 10 entries, researching abandoned houses, some strange fad sports (hovercrafting anyone?), watching trendy YouTube videos and listening to new music releases. There are prospects of going to Ocean Park to report on new rides, watching movies to later report on, and eating strange foods to write about (all for free!).

So far, the only negative thing I have to say about my summer experience here at the Young Post office, is the distance from Hong Kong Island. Being used to a 10 minute commute, the 40 minute ride seems like an eternity. But thankfully, there is a great bus service system, running from numerous different residential areas in Hong Kong to the SCMP building out here in the Tai Po Industrial Estate.

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