The Cadet Diaries #5

The Cadet Diaries #5

Throughout the year, Young Post hosts a number of students to work full-time in our office for a period of two weeks. Here, the cadets will gain some valuable hands-on experience on what it's like to have a 9-5 job, working for a newspaper, shadowing reporters on assignment and participating in any of the wackiness that goes on here. The cadets will share their stories at YP in a series of blogs.

From what I can tell, journalism is about so much more than sitting at a desk all day and writing news articles. Here at Young Post, you don’t spend every day at your computer typing out article after article. If you can come up with something worthwhile to write about, you can get out of the office and do some hands-on reporting. I myself went to a secluded beach to climb rocks and splash in rock pools on a sunny summer day to report on this hidden treasure for an upcoming article called “Hidden Hong Kong”. I got sunburnt on the job, isn’t that great? I genuinely think it is, as I am one of those people who find it torturous to be indoors on a beautiful day. The possibility of working outside also ensures that things never get boring. There are so many things to do in so many places with so many people.

Journalism is also about experiencing the world in hopes of inspiring (or perhaps deterring) someone to go out there and do the same. We are the voices of the people, we tell you about trends, people, events as well as your regular news updates.

In our first meeting, the editor, Susan, promised she would do her best not to preach and convert us to loving journalism. Her passion for her work is evident, as is the case with all the other Young Post staff, who seem to genuinely have deep interests in their respected niches. Despite what Sue said, I think I may have unassumingly joined the cult.

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