YOT Green Adventure 2013 (Kenya) - Cecilia Leung

YOT Green Adventure 2013 (Kenya) - Cecilia Leung


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Samburu, I am here! Everything is so new to me in Samburu. In Hong Kong, there are not many trees but tall buildings. However, the air in Samburu is fresher and trees are everywhere.

I think most people’s first impression of Africa is that the climate is hot and dry. In the beginning I had the same thoughts as them but eventually I knew I was wrong. The sunshine just makes you feel warm instead of hot. Maybe it is because of the beautiful scenery in Samburu so that I couldn’t feel the heat.

After I had my lunch in the Samburu Game Lodge, the bright sun became a fireball! “What a hot day!” I screamed in my heart. Then I asked our driver Julius about the local climate in Kenya. He told me that there were no seasonal changes in Kenya. The climate here is always the same but the temperature range can be very large between daytime and nighttime. Now I understand why the temperature is so different here.

Then we started our game drive. When I first saw the giraffe in front of me, I really thought that I was dreaming! I was so close to it. I could clearly see it having its lunch. Later, there were many other animals such as elephants, lions, etc. They were all saying hello to me. The birds were singing and playing with each other. I have never seen so many wild animals before. They are all so amazing!

But watching animals is just the basics of a safari. In fact we have to identify them and understand their habits. I think it is the most difficult part. Though watching animals made me feel extremely excited, the road was so bumpy and the dust was all over the place, blowing into our car. All of my groupmates had to close their mouths and lowered their heads while trying to identify animals. However, we were very determined to see more and more animals. The bad weather here would not change our mind! We are looking forward to watching more animals the next day in Samburu! Tomorrow must be a nice day!



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