YOT Green Adventure 2013 (Kenya) - Howard Suen

YOT Green Adventure 2013 (Kenya) - Howard Suen


(Back row, from left) Soldier Liu, Kelsi Kwok, Victor Lee, Howard Suen, Joyce Chu, (front) Janice Lo
(Back row, from left) Soldier Liu, Kelsi Kwok, Victor Lee, Howard Suen, Joyce Chu, (front) Janice Lo
Photos: YOT
What is your first impression of Kenya? The green grasslands that seems to go on forever or the enthusiastic dance of the native Swahili people? As a high school student, the thought of visiting this vibrant and amazing country excited me. Grevy's zebras and brown reticulated giraffes popped up in my mind, accompanied by the fresh smell of air and grass. This is exactly why I applied for the Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure – Kenya a few months ago.

The selection process was tough, but it ensured that every one of our 23 members are fully committed to promoting conservation. There are members who made cartoon videos, some made music videos, some wrote a song and some even set up booths at school. We did all these for one common goal – to promote recycling and conservation. This goal is also the reason why the team atmosphere was always very encouraging.

All right, so onto Kenya! But wait, our preparation before the trip was equally important.

To ensure that the team members were prepared for the trip, both in terms of knowledge and mindset, the organising group – Yan Oi Tong - provided us with a training camp, numerous conservation and ecology lessons as well as a chance to present what we’ve learned through our own group research. The project turned out to be particularly challenging for me, a student who has no prior knowledge when it comes to animals and ecosystem. We all took quite a lot of time looking through books and surfing the Internet before we had sufficient material about the conservancies that we would visit. The hard work paid off in the end when we realised that what we’ve learned would make the trip a lot more interesting when we actually get to see wildlife.

In the ten day trip, we are expected to see wildlife such as the “Big Five” during our safari rides and learn more about the culture during our village visits. Through visiting the six natural sceneries such as Samburu Games Reserve, we hope to evaluate on our stance on conservation and, more importantly, bring our thoughts back to Hong Kong where the idea of conservation isn’t very popular yet.

Finally, on 15th of July, the team assembled at the Hong Kong International Airport, packed and ready for the trip ahead. The 23 of us waved goodbye to our parents and friends and entered the restricted area of the airport. We are all excited for the wonderful trip ahead of us, but at the same time nervous about the responsibility that rest on our shoulders.



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