Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Erhu jam

Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Erhu jam


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Photo: Leo Lau
One of the most interesting thing to me is seeing how two different cultures can merge into one – which was exactly what I experienced today.

Just like on the other weekdays since we’ve arrived in Poland, we all had some theatrical training today. However, during our break, we did something different – a couple of the teens from Israel taught us how to sing some of their local folk songs. Then I came up with the idea to try to play one of those songs with my erhu. Although it may seem like an odd combination, we thought it was quite good and we had a lot of fun from it!

I was really glad that teens from other countries were interested in how my erhu works. One of the girls thought it was very easy to play erhu since it only had strings. However after trying to play it for a long time, she finally gave up. I have to say, she did put a lot of effort in and she actually did play some notes. Thinking back to when I was in Form One, it took me one week to learn how to play several notes accurately on the instrument. She might have some talent in the erhu after all!



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