Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Around Town

Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Around Town


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Photos: Leo Lau
Before we set off to Poland, our team leader, Simsim, warned us that our trip wouldn't be a comfortable one. She told us the main purpose of the trip was not to have fun, but to work, just like business travelers. So when we found out that we could have a day off today, we all burst out in excitement. Woohoo!

Our kind-hearted host family decided to bring us on a walk around town. One of the most unforgettable destinations for me was the Panorama Rac?awicka, a museum about the battle between Russia and Poland in 1794. There were a lot of interesting exhibits that caught our eyes. The most fascinating one was the big painting on the top floor of the museum. It formed a huge circle with an 18-meter radius and 150-meter circumference. Can you imagine just how big that is?

We also stopped by an art gallery on our walk. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to describe just how beautiful the works were or what kind of techniques the artists used - I'm not really good at visual arts. But if I had to compare the art galleries of Hong Kong to the ones in Poland, I like the Polish ones better. If you've ever been to the art museum in Hong Kong, you will see a big silver metal sign saying "STAY AWAY FROM THE WORK". In the art galleries in Poland, you wouldn’t see those signs as they encourage visitors to feel the works not only with their eyes, but also with their hands. I think this is something that Hong Kong museums and galleries should definitely learn from the Polish.



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