Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Shows and stilts

Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: Shows and stilts


Leo walks on stilts with the help of newfound friends.
Leo walks on stilts with the help of newfound friends.
Photos: Leo Lau
Leo is one of six youth ambassadors from Hong Kong taking part in the Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador Scheme. The team will live in Poland for three weeks and attend theatrical workshops with more than 100 kids from all over the world including Norway, Israel, Poland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe etc.

At the end of the three weeks, the Hong Kong team will put on a drama at the Brave Kids Festival in Poland as well as a performance at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris. Over the next three weeks, Leo will regularly blog for Young Post about his team’s adventures in Poland.

Today is a special day for us because it's the first time we performed our drama in Poland! The idea for the show was adopted from a famous 2,200-year-old Chinese myth called The Classics of Mountains and Seas (山海經傳). It was quite an experience for us because this was our first time giving a public performance in a tent. We weren’t used to performing without light equipments, a proper sound system and other necessities. However, our moods weren’t ruined and we were so glad that we could still put on a good show without those things.

Apart from performing, we were also able to watch the performances of the other people as well. One of the most unforgettable performances was the one by the children from Zimbabwe. I was fascinated by their spirit. Despite the hot temperature inside the tent, they still tried their best to showcase their home culture to us. Their angelic voices and powerful movements were marvelous.

But it wasn’t just all watching for us as we got to try our hands at activities from other nations as well. The teens from Norway brought some stilts for us to walk on. It was kind of difficult for me because it was always very hard to stay balanced. I kept falling from the tall and thin stilts - thanks to the mates who supported me during my journey. Without their support, I would’ve fallen more than I already did and end up with a pair of bruised-up legs!



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