Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: No English, no problem

Youth Drama Ambassadors in Poland: No English, no problem


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Photo: Leo Lau
Leo is one of six youth ambassadors from Hong Kong taking part in the Hong Kong Youth Drama Ambassador Scheme. The team will live in Poland for three weeks and attend theatrical workshops with more than 100 kids from all over the world including Norway, Israel, Poland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe etc.

At the end of the three weeks, the Hong Kong team will put on a drama at the Brave Kids Festival in Poland as well as a performance at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris. Over the next three weeks, Leo will regularly blog for Young Post about his team’s adventures in Poland.

After our first night with our host family, we started our training right away. You might think we would be tired but in fact, we were not because the training was really fun. All of us learnt new and interesting ways to express ourselves on the stage.

I suppose one of the most important things when you go to a foreign country is to meet friends. Of course, this isn't an exception for us. As a matter of fact, 120 teens from 20 countries (six from each nation) are participating in the Brave Kids Festival so we will be able to learn and see unique cultures which you may seldom see in Hong Kong.

Some of the participants don't really know how to speak English. However, this is never a problem. Besides using language to communicate with one another, we used our bodies to tell each other how we feel and what we think. That's exactly how we "talked" to people from other nations who seldom use English.



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