MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 4

MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 4

Today we spent three hours cycling around the city of Bangkok with BikeXenger - a social entreprise group promoting using bicycles as a form of transportation. The two founders Nonlany Ungwlwatkul and Poom Siraprapasiri are experienced cyclists. In 2010, they founded BikeXenger and offered delivery services for companies. Poom told us that they wanted to send out the message that cycling is not only environmental friendly but it also allow us to get in touch with our environment and to become calmer. "When you cycle, you will notice the surroundings more than you sit in an air-conditioned car," he said. He also thinks the more people riding their bikes, the better the city planning will be, as the two are closely connected. The team has also collaborated with a local university to offer cycling lesson and safety tips to the public.

It was a very hot day but the students all enjoyed the trip and had fun. Some of them said they liked it because it was such a rare opportunity to cycle in the city, especially in Hong Kong where roads are narrow and traffic is busy. And I've also enjoyed the activity very much, since it was more than 10 years ago when I was on a bike!



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