MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 3

MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 3

Today, we visited a rural community where some elderly people have organised a volunteer group to help other elderly people. They told us that since the adults have all gone out to the city to work, elderly people are usually left at home by themselves. Some of them can't take care of themselves and they live in isolation. This team of elderly will spend time visiting others and offer them help; they will also teach them some handicrafts.

The purpose is to encourage the elderly to continue to contribute, and to value themselves. As the team leader says: "Elderly people have a lot to offer to the community, for example, they can pass on their wisdom to the younger generation."

To sustain their work, the team have also included the grandchildren of these elderly to join their activities. This way, they can educate the younger children to learn to take care of the elderly in their own family.

After the visit, some mainland students shared that there are similar problems in some rural areas in China where the elderly and small children are left at home, and it'd help if people in the community can think of ways to help and take care of each other. Some students think the elderly in Hong Kong, especially those staying in the homes, are pretty sad while some have reflected on their own relationships with their grandparents.



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