MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 2

MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 2

Have Fun Do Good Flash Mobs in Siam Square

What do we need to do to make people happy? How much money does it need?

Today MaDees have experienced the simplest ways to make Bangkok people feel good. Together with some young people from Bangkok who have tried to make a difference in their lives, the students from Hong Kong organised their own "Have Fun Do Good" Flash Mobs and took them to the busiest district of Siam Square.

A group of students decided to learn a popular Thai children's song about elephants and sang it to strangers on the street. Another group exchanged small personal objects with whoever they met walking pass and passed on the objects to strangers.All of them thought of ways to make people happy by doing simple things. Some students found it a bit embarrassed at first, especially when someone walked away or ignored them. But soon the energy caught on and some friendly strangers even joined them in singing. The activity on the street only lasted 30 minutes but brought a lot of fun and good reflections to the students. As one of them shared afterwards: Happiness is a simple act. It doesn't need a lot of money. You just need to do it with your heart.

I was pleasantly surprised by the courage of these Hong Kong students in the street activity. They've definitely impressed some local people with their happy and positive energy today!

Pictures below show students singing a Thai song to strangers on the street or in shopping mall.



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