MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 1

MaD Green Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Day 1

We arrived at 9.30am after an early morning flight. Bangkok was HOT and the traffic was chaotic! But the group of students (who are called MaDees) joining the HKICC's MaD trip to Bangkok were excited to be in the city. And the journey began straight after we left the airport. Our first stop was the Thailand Creative & Design Centre (TDCD). Located at the top floor of the popular Emporium shopping mall, the Centre was open in 2005 and supported by the Thai government to promote creativity.Apart from gallery spaces, it has a cutting-edged resource centre and one of largest in Asia which offers print and online resources for all kinds of designs and topics.

The most interesting is its division of Material Library which features over 4,500 kinds of raw materials in categories from polymers, glass and metal to ceramics, cement-based and carbon-based to natural materials. It is the first of its kind in Bangkok and part of a global network headquartered in New York. Anyone who are interested or working in the design field can register as member and use the resources here.

For more information about MaD trips, visit:

MaDees at TDCD

MaDees amazed by our very cool tour bus in Thai style



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