Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - Takk!

Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - Takk!


Photo: Clara Fung
After a boost from a sailor of the MS crew, I said “Takk!” (thank you in Icelandic) and stepped foot onto the Hekla Havn, a wonderful place surrounded by fjords and colossal icebergs. The landscape ascended from the calm blue water in the forms of glimmering icebergs and steep red-coloured hills.

The place was heavily infused with Thule culture. We saw an example of a Thule memorial in a pile of sedimentary rocks stacked like a dome at the outreach of the tundra field to guard the land and nature. Once I successfully got to the top of our climb with my clumsy waterproof boots, I could not take my eyes off the icebergs that prowled the peaceful water below.

It was an aesthetic view of the Arctic in the fall. Fragments of frozen ice plates floating on the sea and a palette of green, yellow, and red colors painted along the rocky shoreline. I decided to pause, sit on the bumpy slope and quietly enjoy nature.



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