Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - My first Mid-Autumn Festival overseas

Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - My first Mid-Autumn Festival overseas


Arctic Expedition4_L
Photo: Jack Wong
Today was 12th September and it was the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. We could not imagine that we could have such a wonderful night in the Arctic so far from home.

We only had one landing today but it was widely believed that it should be the most demanding landing of the trip. We arrived at Rypefjord in the morning at around 9:00 and we did lots of hiking since we wanted to see the musk oxen on the top of the mountain. Many of us were really tired because we had to climb over many rocks and walk on a number of paths. The height of our hike was around 400 meters and the length was about a few thousand meters. Luckily the sky today was the clearest on the trip so far and we enjoyed the climate very much. And although the process was extremely harsh, it was a great chance for us to train up our stamina. If we did not carry through to the end, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the magnificent view of Greenland in the Arctic.

Another great snapshot of the day was the Mid-Autumn Festival night on our cruise. The Hong Kong students performed the love story between Chang E and Hou Wei of this traditional Chinese festival through drama. We also sang one of the most famous Chinese songs called “The Moon is My Heart” with a harmonious atmosphere. Lastly, we enjoyed the glorious full moon and the northern lights with mooncakes on the deck in a bid to think of our families in Hong Kong.

We still have two more days in Greenland. Let’s enjoy every second of it!



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