Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - The epic homes of the Inuit

Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - The epic homes of the Inuit


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Photo: Clara Fung
I felt like a little archeological explorer today. We were ferried to two sites, Sydkep and Ittyeshavn, by zodiacs to have a taste of the archaic traces from Inuit ancestors. The MS expedition took the lead and brought us around an abandoned hut in Sydkep and a natural winter house in Ittyeshavn. They were both fantastic time travelling treks for us to imagine the footsteps of the Inuits a century ago.

The architectural styles of the houses were very different in contrast as the hut was dated much more recently than the naturally dug winter house. However the hut was in a crumbled state while the winter house was still solidly entrenched in the ground of the Arctic tundra, surrounded by blossoms of Arctic bilberry.

Nature seemed to instill the hut with the best colours. However I was still hesitant over my preference for accommodation if our cruise was unable to retreat before the frozen plate of sea ice took over.

Putting that thought aside, I was amazed by the wisdom of the ancients to collaborate on such a creative effort with only rocks, bowhead whale skeletons (already extinct) and their bare hands. I am sure you would’ve felt as inspired as we were by the diligence embedded in the epic homes of the Inuit!



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