Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - Our Arctic voyage begins!

Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - Our Arctic voyage begins!


Arctic Expedition1_L
Photos: Clara Fung
As our MS expedition ship steered into the endless sea of Arctic region, the mist left behind Spitsbergen and a translucent rainbow casted over our deck after a chilly shower. What a way to begin our Arctic voyage!

Our group of 22 restless teens was dazzled by this glimpse of natural beauty through the windows of the cruise, as we attended the mandatory zodiac cruise briefing. Shortly after the session, the captain made an extraordinary announcement to set off the first highlight of the voyage – a male polar bear was on the spot of the greens, a few kilometers away from the 14th July Glacier!

We swiftly hopped onto the zodiacs inflatable speedboats in full gear. Our zodiacs raced full speed towards the polar bear sighting and our hands, holding onto our cameras, were shivering as the chilly wind embraced us. The fuzzy white male began to fidget and sniff and its every movement was admired by the visitors and their cameras. This scenery made me wonder if I had jumped into the screen of a National Geographic documentary, but the frosty air kept awakening me from this thought. There were no words to define this spectacular moment, but it was certainly a fabulous kick-off with the warmest welcome from Mr. Polar Bear at Latitude 80°!

We brought Dennis with us to the beach in Magalalene Fjord to attend a geography class given by our team professor! The mountainous fjord served as the backdrop of our classroom and the mixture of rocks on the shores was our vivid learning materials. We all indulged in this natural classroom.

Dennis in his new natural classroom



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thank you guys for visiting my secinc sunday entry.dines, yes, i took this one. the place was just beautiful that even my boy could take a pic like this.