Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild

Ever wondered about what other people’s stories are? By that I mean life stories: what kind of family were they born in? In what kind of environment did they grow up in? What did they experience to shape them into who they are today?

I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive one morning, with my earphones plugged in as usual. There was this blind old man, with a slightly crooked back and his crutch walking out of his building. Ever so lowly, carefully, he set out on his everyday journey towards the mall’s fast food shop for breakfast and casual chats with some random customers. With every invisible step, he thinks about his children, whether they wore enough clothes to work today; his grand children, it’s been quite some time since he saw them, they probably grew taller and smarter; his wife, his dear wife who’s overlooking his every step in heaven and making sure he arrives safely at the restaurant.

That was my imagination, what I think might have been in his mind that several minutes. These thoughts just popped up out of nowhere while I was staring at his back, watching him taking every step. He used at least 7 minutes (an estimation: I was paying attention to the time as I was running a bit late) to cover a distance that a normal person could have covered in a minute or two. But that might just be me, to him, it might have been his best record so far.

Maybe it was because of the traffic these days (rush hour sucks), or maybe my mind was going astray, I was sort of into telling my version of somebody else’s story (if that makes sense to you). There was another day; I was sitting on the lower deck of the bus, at those vertically lined seats that make you face those people sitting opposite of you. Drowning in the blasting music, looking at the packed seats right across the aisle, people were staring at… well, nowhere in particular, and there they come. This middle-aged woman might be in a hurry to meet some friends that she hadn’t seen in a while, because her face was growing more annoyed and irritated with the clock ticking. That man might have been through a rough day dealing with the boss and customers: he was almost leaning on the shoulder of the man next to him, soundly asleep and probably having some nice dreams.

I was headed to a family gathering, wishing that I could fly.

Ha. Just some random thoughts I wanted to share. These people inspired me so much, and I hope this inspires you as well.



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