It's time for action

It's time for action

Governments have been haggling in Copenhagen, trying to find a compromise between business interests and the environment. Photo: Agence France-Presse

This week we will find out if our governments have been listening to us and our worries about what is happening to our climate.

I'm at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where leaders are under pressure to make a commitment to fight global warming.

Governments are haggling about how strict they will be on greenhouse gas emissions in their own countries. Greenhouse gases, which are largely to blame for climate change, come from burning fossil fuels. This includes generating electricity for your lights and air conditioners and fuel for air planes, cars and factories.

Governments fear that forcing businesses to become cleaner and more efficient will mean they will make less money. So far our leaders have not been brave enough to take the first step.

People around the world are begging their governments to introduce laws to reduce greenhouse gases. But leaders fear it will cost money in the short term. This is especially true on the mainland and in Hong Kong, where the governments are focused on economic growth and heavily influenced by business. Your leaders are afraid to take action to protect you because they are scared it will be bad for business.

Scientists say if we don't take action now, we will not be able to slow climate change, and the earth will become a much less pleasant home for all of us.

I am in Copenhagen to tell people about my voyage through the Canadian Arctic and share what I learned from the Inuit. I saw first-hand how Inuit are forced to change their lives because global warming is changing the land they live on.

If we take global action, led by our governments, we can make a big difference. It's your job to make sure your leaders do their job in Copenhagen.

Cameron Dueck

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