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14 Nov 2019 While Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is diagnosed in childhood, Type 2 can be prevented with healthy eating and exercise.
11 Nov 2019 The anti-mask law bans face masks and facial coverings, which have been used by demonstrators to hide their identities in city-wide protests.
22 Oct 2019 The gooey substance is produced by special cells in your nose to keep dust, bacteria and other foreign particles from entering your lungs.
14 Oct 2019 Organisations such as Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel are reducing waste and providing healthy meals to those in need.
10 Oct 2019 Nat Kitcharit and Warisara Yu display great chemistry as founders of rival app companies who develop romantic feelings for each other.
24 Sep 2019 While lightning isn't much of an issue for flights, windy days can cause huge problems for pilots, but don't worry - they've got it covered.
24 Sep 2019 Though the recent movement is largely leaderless, individual protesters have clearly defined jobs during mass rallies that end in stand-offs with police.
18 Sep 2019 Kidney specialist Dr Kelvin Ho Kai-leung aims to raise awareness and break taboos about the importance of becoming a donor
27 Aug 2019 A specialist in neurosurgery explains how our devices affect our bodies and offers his top tips to improve your posture and keep yourself healthy.
27 Aug 2019 We speak to tidying expert Orange Tam about how to organise your space and how it will help clear your mind and study more effectively.