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28 Apr 2019 The 16-year-old Kellett School student has just come off a successful debut on the HK Lacrosse Open Women’s Under 19 team.
23 Apr 2019 Student claims he was coerced into signing a statement he did not agree with regarding the incident at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School.
22 Apr 2019 The Cantonese translation of the game doesn't help local sports fans understand what the fast-paced game is really about.
21 Apr 2019 Unless you’re a diehard corgi fan, skip this painfully dull animation; it's just not worth your money.
21 Apr 2019 The young athlete recently qualified for the upcoming summer Olympic Games, and was awarded one of the highest honours in US college sports.
19 Apr 2019 Fans left the venue mad and disappointed about the organiser's arrangement to keep them waiting under heavy rain until finally calling off the show.
18 Apr 2019 The British musician put on a spectacular show but unclear exit routes meant fans had a tough time leaving the venue.
17 Apr 2019 The Mong Kok store has long been the place to go for visual arts and design students.
16 Apr 2019 There is an estimated shortfall of more than 400 beach and swimming pool rescue crew, almost half the total number needed.
16 Apr 2019 As she returns to the court after recovering from an injury, the 17-year-old full-time Hong Kong Sports Institute athlete is ready to prove she’s a winner.