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31 Jan 2020 The 17-year-old placed 13th at the Hong Kong Open and is aiming for a spot on the PGA Tour.
28 Jan 2020 While the pressure is on for James Tang, the Form Five student passes the test with flying colours.
23 Jan 2020 Local non-profit group Treats promotes social inclusion of people with special needs, teaches communication skills through sports.
19 Jan 2020 Based on a true story, corporate defence lawyer Rob Bilott becomes an unlikely crusader against a multinational chemicals company.
16 Jan 2020 Teen players Yam Yau and Elvis Hsu made history for the city by bringing home its first medals from the tournament.
16 Jan 2020 Bringing home a gold and bronze medal for the city, Yam Yau and Elvis Hsu talk about what the experience in Switzerland taught them.
15 Jan 2020 The Kowloon girls' school beat Po Kok Secondary School in the final by 27 points.
15 Jan 2020 From Sarah Lee's medal at the London Olympics to badminton and fencing success, here are the feats that stand out.
15 Jan 2020 The reigning champs for both boys and girls’ divisions won again at the 2020 Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Interschool Volleyball Competition.
15 Jan 2020 The best iOS and Android apps to add a vintage vibe to your Instagram feed