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15 Nov 2019 Film is based on the true story of Hong Kong sport climber Lai Chi-wai, who climbed Lion Rock in a wheelchair after a traffic accident left him paraplegic.
24 Oct 2019 While the jokes and gore are there in this Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson vehicle, it is too close to the 2009 predecessor
15 Aug 2019 Sequel has the birds teaming up with pigs, and also stars Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Peter Dinklage.
30 May 2019 Despite the promise of the two previous MonsterVerse movies, the latest action adventure of the famous Japanese creature disappoints.
08 May 2019 Even though Justice Smith is merely average, this is a great film for diehard trainers and new fans alike.
19 Apr 2019 A brief history of the legendary action adventure series which stars Link, our pointy-eared hero of Hyrule.
24 Feb 2019 Keep your teammates in good health while still dominating the firefight as the newest battle royale game's only healer.
12 Feb 2019 The newest battle royale shooter is an awesome hero-based take on games like Fortnite and PUBG; here are some tips on how to excel.
08 Feb 2019 There was no greater rivalry in the mid-90s than that between a speedy blue hedgehog and an Italian plumber with a talent for saving princesses.