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16 Aug 2019 Some educators fear cutting parts of the Chinese exam will lead to a decline in use of Cantonese, while others say it will help reduce students’ heavy workload.
12 Aug 2019 Thousands of people gathered in Terminal 1 to show their anger after a woman was allegedly shot in the eye with a beanbag by police.
10 Aug 2019 Hong Kong protests continue with permission denied for more and more marches
08 Aug 2019 Boycott affected students' ability to register for academic and interest societies, orientation activities and residential hall tours.
06 Aug 2019 Events are being organised on popular local forum LIHKG.
31 Jul 2019 Young Post speaks to the winners of the Musical Instrument Design Competition 2019 organised by the University of Hong Kong.
31 Jul 2019 The government advised those with long journeys to make their way home early and to stay indoors.
26 Jul 2019 Some of the 2,500 locals who gathered in Terminal One handed out leaflets to locals and tourists arriving in the city.
25 Jul 2019 Letter written by 11 institution presidents asks students not to participate, saying to consider their personal safety and take care of themselves.
24 Jul 2019 In open letters published online, government workers reveal their dismay over how authorities handled the situation.