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25 Aug 2019 Members of a Facebook community page, Police Relatives Connection. braved wind and rain today to rally at Edinburgh Place in Central at 2pm. They are calling for an independent commission of inquiry to look into alleged mismanagement and malpractices by the force
23 Aug 2019 The force responded today in their press conference, saying they were "highly concerned about the alleged case of misconduct"
23 Aug 2019 Railway operator says it will shut stations and stop service without notice in case of violence.
22 Aug 2019 With the ongoing anti-government sentiment in the city, there are fears that children of police officers and mainland migrants could be targeted.
16 Aug 2019 More than 22,000 people joined the "Protect our Next Generation, Speak for our Conscience" march. We talked to a few of these educators about their reasons for demonstrating.
16 Aug 2019 Some educators fear cutting parts of the Chinese exam will lead to a decline in use of Cantonese, while others say it will help reduce students’ heavy workload.
12 Aug 2019 Thousands of people gathered in Terminal 1 to show their anger after a woman was allegedly shot in the eye with a beanbag by police.
10 Aug 2019 Hong Kong protests continue with permission denied for more and more marches
08 Aug 2019 Boycott affected students' ability to register for academic and interest societies, orientation activities and residential hall tours.
06 Aug 2019 Events are being organised on popular local forum LIHKG.