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14 Mar 2019 We speak to Simone Morris, an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award winner, about her passion for reading and for some helpful revision hints.
07 Mar 2019 Students in the English, Cantonese and Mandarin categories impressed judges with their take on the theme 'aspire to create'.
07 Mar 2019 The HK students are raising money for Rett Syndrome, a disease that almost exclusively affects girls.
05 Mar 2019 Contrary to what the school said, the students said the teachers did not seem to show any concern for their safety.
01 Mar 2019 The romantic action starts right away in this Taiwanese movie take on the popular series.
28 Feb 2019 We looked at some of the science between these commonly-held beliefs, and learned we're not that different after all.
28 Feb 2019 Finding ways to deal with a stress is just like any other skill – you just need the right tools, and a bit of practice.
21 Feb 2019 Overwhelming majority of respondents to a recent survey also said the Hong Kong government should carry out a comprehensive review of the education system.
21 Feb 2019 We talk to the top scorer in IGCSE Spanish about what drives him, and how to improve in the language.
19 Feb 2019 Young Post talks to a Chinese University professor of information engineering for ideas on how to protect your privacy when posting online.