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09 May 2019 Young Post speaks to FIS student designers about their haute couture-inspired runway creations.
09 May 2019 The University of Science and Technology's Bachelor's programme will cover topics such as marine conservation and oceanic modelling.
03 May 2019 The increase of roughly four per cent will only affect private candidates, as the government waived the 2020 fee earlier this year.
02 May 2019 The group set out to serve the community, but they also learned a lot from the elderly and disabled students they worked with.
30 Apr 2019 The term does not only refer to unwanted physical contact or have to involve extreme force.
28 Apr 2019 Pro-democracy organisers estimate as many 130,000 protesters took part.
27 Apr 2019 Module one was a breeze, say our experts
25 Apr 2019 The theatre versions of the huge Disney film and beloved Roald Dahl book are on their way to the 852 later this year.
24 Apr 2019 The students from Echoes of Erin School of Irish Dance brought home the city's first Figure Dance world championship.
23 Apr 2019 Learn how to support a friend in need with these tips from a mental healthcare professional.