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18 Oct 2019 Chief executive focused on solving the city’s housing problems and helping the needy, while no concessions were offered to anti-government protesters.
17 Oct 2019 Pro-democracy group urged the public not to retaliate with acts of violence and asked the police to grant a letter of no objection for their mass rally.
15 Oct 2019 The 25-year-old had been open about struggles with mental health, and challenged what was expected of South Korean stars.
09 Oct 2019 If you're having a hard time getting into study mode, these brain exercises will keep you from getting distracted.
08 Oct 2019 The teenagers were arrested in Wan Chai and Whampoa, where anti-mask ban protests took place over the long weekend
04 Oct 2019 Education Bureau sent info about new anti-mask law to all schools as Carrie Lam held press conference to introduce the legislation to the public.
03 Oct 2019 A children’s rights concern group condemned the force for acting in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
03 Oct 2019 There's no guarantee the information you see on Facebook or Instagram is true - here's how to make sure you're being responsible when sharing it.
30 Sep 2019 Ahead of the PRC's 70th anniversary, planned activities include a class boycott at Chater Garden and a human chain in Wong Tai Sin.
26 Sep 2019 We asked two teen protesters why they continue to attend demonstrations, and how they feel about the current social situation.