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16 Jul 2018 Members of a concern group have staged a rally outside the Legislative Council, calling for the government to increase the number of publicly funded university places.
15 Jul 2018 Go back just a couple of generations, and a lot of Hongkongers probably owned a harmonica and knew how to play it. Now, however, the beauty of this miniature instrument largely goes unrecognised. But not by 17-year-old Chan Tsz-wun Charis.
11 Jul 2018 Cho Mei-yi and Cho Wai-long say they would like more support for students with special needs.
10 Jul 2018 Of the nine, one achieved super top scorer status with eight perfect scores.
10 Jul 2018 Tomorrow’s results day will have many students on edge and tense, but three students from Hong Kong Shue Yan University have tips on how to remain Zen before, during, and after the DSE pickup
08 Jul 2018 Featuring the brilliant artist Yank Wong Yan-kwai, local documentary I ’ve Got the Blues is a rare gem that reveals the complexities of humanity, while inviting audiences to question the very nature of documentary.
06 Jul 2018 From advice on how to avoid procrastination to comments on the exams' emphasis on critical and independent thinking, here's what HK students think of the IB.
05 Jul 2018 No matter what surprises this year’s HKDSE results day brings, you will have many options open to you.
04 Jul 2018 South Island School held a counselling session where students could gather and grieve yesterday, following the death of a recent graduate, Ian Lo Go-yin, 18. Ian passed away on Monday after being struck by lightning while hiking in Ma On Shan Country Park.
01 Jul 2018 Sunny Lam Chun-ngai explains how volunteering has helped to change lives - including his own.