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06 Dec 2019 Stock up on these gender-neutral, fail-safe items from H&M, The Book Depository and more.
05 Dec 2019 The co-stars of 2014’s ‘The Theory of Everything’ still have great onscreen chemistry but are let down by a weak story.
04 Dec 2019 Pro-protester organiser known only as Steve also stated that donated money remained untouched and that the fair would go on.
30 Nov 2019 Jointly organised by the “Silver Hair” group and secondary students, the assembly will feature speakers and performers from all walks of life, including former chemistry lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Kenneth Kwong Si-san and local teen boyband Boyz Reborn.
28 Nov 2019 University of Hong Kong undergraduates could spend two years studying at the highly esteemed British institution and earn three degrees in four years.
28 Nov 2019 From studying neuroscience to meeting people from different cultures, these Hong Kong secondary students hope to gain a lot from studying in the US
28 Nov 2019 Two teens were arrested for possessing a small but highly dangerous powder at Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School
27 Nov 2019 Crowdfunded event organised by supporters of the anti-government movement is slated for late January
21 Nov 2019 From being good at sports, to the idea that men should hide their emotions, here's some stereotypes we wish would disappear
17 Nov 2019 A government press release cites 'uncertain factors' as the main reason.