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11 Dec 2018 In this era where instant gratification is the norm, Kevin Wong is on a mission to improve the quality of communication by taking it slow.
10 Dec 2018 Get into the holiday spirit by snapping a beautiful Instagram-worthy shot at these public Christmas decorations around the city.
09 Dec 2018 Switch off those old Christmas re-runs and check out these seasonal offerings from international cinema, all showing in Hong Kong this December
06 Dec 2018 Garris Choi from West Island School has tips on how to make sense of and ace the two complex subjects.
04 Dec 2018 Candidates applying to University of Hong Kong who excel in a particular field will be awarded more points if they achieve top scores in DSE subjects.
29 Nov 2018 We asked Hong Kong’s top scorer in IGCSE PE for tips on excelling in the theoretical and practical aspects of the exam.
15 Nov 2018 The road to a checkmate – the winning move in a chess game – can be long and complicated. We spoke to students using the game as a way of teaching English.
09 Nov 2018 Dancer Crystal Kei talks about how online critics helped her become the online star she is now.
07 Nov 2018 Students around Hong Kong were tasked with finding as many different species as possible using an app called iNaturalist.