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17 Mar 2020 Finalists will impress if they demonstrate an interest in understanding the roots and culture behind their chosen language.
13 Mar 2020 The HKEAA will also require students to wear masks and check their body temperature; candidates who cannot wear masks for medical reasons will sit separately.
09 Mar 2020 Beacon College's star tutor Lam Yat-yan gives his expert advice to Hong Kong students taking the assessment.
05 Mar 2020 We speak to two psychologists about the challenges faced by people dealing with the little-known mental illness.
05 Mar 2020 The online learning platform was launched for students to use during the class suspension due to the coronavirus.
05 Mar 2020 A majority of HKDSE candidates support postponing the exam until after Covid-19 has been contained globally.
04 Mar 2020 The workshop helps primary students get crafty and teaches them maths, biology and social awareness skills.
28 Feb 2020 Whodunit starring Olga Kurylenko and Lambert Wilson gets off to a slow start, but a clever second half saves the day.
27 Feb 2020 As of Thursday afternoon, schools that provide the International Baccalaureate curriculum have decided not to defer assessment deadlines.
26 Feb 2020 The teen argued that those taking the IGCSE, A Level and IB exams face many disadvantages with e-learning