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28 Oct 2019 The famous American director, who often works with Johnny Depp, is a master at quirky, gothic films
27 Oct 2019 Test your knowledge of the haunting season!
21 Oct 2019 A best friend is someone you not only share good times with, but also someone who is there for you during the bad times.
14 Oct 2019 There's nothing like finding someone you can discuss all your problems with.
07 Oct 2019 After making waves with hits like 'Sí', 'Solo Dance' and 'I Could Get Used To This', he plans to launch his own label and mentor younger artists
27 Sep 2019 Teens from more than 20 schools in Kowloon gathered at the shopping mall to discuss Carrie Lam's first dialogue and their feelings about the ongoing demonstrations.
27 Sep 2019 Widely regarded as one of the most successful film score composers of all time, his tour de force performance included excerpts from 'The Dark Knight' trilogy and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.
27 Sep 2019 The social media platform now lets anyone create designs, from creepy spiders for your Halloween posts to an effortless no make-up look.
26 Sep 2019 Although it's one of the most believable portrayals of space travel, it would have been more believable to cast a younger actor as Tommy Lee Jones' son.
26 Sep 2019 Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most are the memories we share with them