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22 May 2019 After some delays with obtaining permission for the march, the Greta Thunberg-inspired Student March For Climate Action Hong Kong will go ahead this weekend.
17 May 2019 The CEOs of SCMP and Hong Kong Jockey Club offer SOTY finalists advice, and tell them to not be afraid of failure.
16 May 2019 The upcoming Creative Assembly release draws on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history in this largely satisfying experience.
16 May 2019 As a City University student learned on a trip to the country with children's charity Plan International, you can't just force your views on others, but there are ways to help.
12 May 2019 Developed by Just Add Oil Games, the game’s characters have to travel across China to visit their relatives, while keeping their beat-up car up and running.
09 May 2019 Swedish furniture giant uses term for groping to promote their bean curd ice cream.
08 May 2019 A miscommunication meant student organisers cancelled march; they now hope to be able to protest this month.
07 May 2019 Students say they were unable to secure a permit because their organisation is not an NGO.
02 May 2019 The Chinese Estates Holdings tycoon plans on talking straight about poverty, career-planning and other important youth issues.
01 May 2019 Students are divided on the details of a climate march due to take place on May 26.