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18 Sep 2019 Following weeks of speculation, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced the cancellation of the October 1 event.
18 Sep 2019 New line advocates physical retaliation against aggressive groups rather than retreating or seeking help from police.
12 Sep 2019 The group received a letter of objection from the police regarding Sunday's demonstration.
11 Sep 2019 We all know how bad the landfill situation is in Hong Kong, so it's good to know what steps we can take to ease the problem.
11 Sep 2019 Deadline to sign up is October 8 this year, as exam authority reveals important dates and details.
10 Sep 2019 Images of clashes on night of August 31 released, while incorrect injury report attributed to counting error.
04 Sep 2019 A glossary of the common terms related to the demonstrations, from extradition law and tear gas to rioting.
02 Sep 2019 The judge also ruled that lawmaker Au Nok-hin, who ran in her place, was not duly elected because of her wrongful disqualification.
20 Aug 2019 The demonstrations have gone from protesting the fugitive bill to pressing for universal suffrage, and inquiries into alleged police brutality.
15 Aug 2019 The Front had applied for permission for 300,000 people to participate, and are "extremely unhappy" with the decision.