Wong Tsui-kai

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27 Jun 2018 A woman, the suspect in this tragic event, was arrested, and a handgun was siezed in connection with the crime.
18 Apr 2018 From new tech, Thanos' plans and Stan Lee's cameo, this is the biggest cinematic event of the year.
27 Mar 2018 A whole bunch of new characters are introduced to pilot the giant Jaegers, but they’re all fairly forgettable.
15 Feb 2018 We all have mixed feelings about Chinese New Year, but if you think about it, it's actually pretty great.
15 Feb 2018 The price of lai see and good food? This.
29 Dec 2017 Bigger and better is the name of the name as the display area will be enlarged by 35 per cent.
23 Nov 2017 Skype has apparently joined the lengthening list of internet tools on China’s blacklist, disappearing from download stores with Apple saying Wednesday it was ordered by the government to remove certain apps.
16 Nov 2017 Unless you haven't seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which case, yes, there is a major spoiler!
13 Nov 2017 The Hong Kong Observatory is forecasting cooler air from Saturday, when temperatures are set to drop to 19 degrees Celsius.
20 Sep 2017 Young Post talks to two teenage techies about juggling school and social life and still finding time to win gold in the MOS World Champions competition.