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09 May 2017 A new Greenpeace study shows satisfaction from shopping only lasts a day, and the more we shop, the lonelier we get.
09 May 2017 Heep Yunn star hopes to retain the ‘Grand Slam’, and has set her sights on representing Hong Kong at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.
05 May 2017 KMB will soon roll out a fleet of newly designed red buses, with seats that offer USB charging ports and free Wi-Fi.
04 May 2017 Principals and teachers from six of the 50 Hong Kong public primary schools that trialled a revised version of the TSA last year have urged parents to give the new test a chance.
03 May 2017 Both teachers and students have said this year’s DSE economics exam was just as tough as last year’s, with many questions testing students on their ability to accurately analyse diagrams and to apply economic concepts to current issues.
03 May 2017 Over the course of April, the Heep Yunn School’s (HYS) basketball team each took turns going without at least one meal a day in support of the World Vision Hong Kong’s Famine 30 campaign. The team did this to raise public awareness of the severe food crises in Africa.
03 May 2017 Each week, our two teenagers will debate a hot topic. This week ...
03 May 2017 18-year-old backstroke eyes 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, but he has difficulty handling stress during international competitions.
02 May 2017 Teachers and students say this year’s Tourism and Hospitality Studies exam was very much like last year’s, with some very challenging questions in Paper Two
26 Apr 2017 Tutors and students say some of the DSE questions this year were very much like those found in the HKALE accounting paper