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06 Apr 2018 Some questions forced students to apply their knowledge to interesting scenarios, such as one about the carbon cycle and dinosaurs.
22 Aug 2017 Many Hong Kong students can secure better salaries, benefits and opportunities at home.
21 Aug 2017 A total of 76 students who successfully appealed against their HKDSE results have been offered places for bachelor degree programmes.
18 Aug 2017 Young people are advised to be aware of cyber crimes after three secondary school students accused of running online investment scams that duped seven investors out of HK$1.8 million over five months.
17 Aug 2017 Verdict supplant earlier ruling of community service by local court, as three activists are taken into custody immediately to begin serving their sentences.
16 Aug 2017 This will be enough to cover all of Elise Liu's tuition fees at a prestigious music institution in the United States.
14 Aug 2017 A new Junior Police Call training camp wants to appeal to young people with features such a zipline and laser range.
12 Aug 2017 Environmental groups are calling for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic umbrella covers.
10 Aug 2017 Hong Kong prosecutors want to overturn a court ruling against three Occupy activists who stormed government headquarters and triggered a 79-day protest in 2014, the Court of Appeal heard on Wednesday.
08 Aug 2017 The one remaining top scorer didn't stray far, and is going with dentistry instead.