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15 Apr 2019 A top tutor from King’s Glory Education Centre and a veteran teacher offer up their best advice on how to come across as a confident speaker.
29 Mar 2019 SKH All Saints’ Middle School’s English Panel Chair shares advice for the exam which counts for a quarter of your total English score.
28 Mar 2019 Kenneth Lau, a tutor at Beacon College, has some useful hints to help you ace the paper - but the ultimate advice is to practise.
25 Feb 2019 The presence of these animals in the city is a result of rapid development, leading various species of wildlife to wander into human territory.
25 Feb 2019 Plastic accounts for roughly 20 per cent of the city’s daily municipal waste generation.
25 Feb 2019 Officials say being fed by visitors led Billy to associate plastic bags with food.
25 Feb 2019 Animal rights activists said the incidents reflected the plight of the island’s wild cattle who were suffering from habitat degradation and becoming increasingly accustomed to human feeding.
25 Feb 2019 This prompted a concern group to call for more public awareness of diminishing grasslands and the dangers of humans feeding wild animals.
30 Oct 2018 In Hong Kong, there have been several incidents of note also related to freedom of the press and speech that have caused public outcry.
30 Oct 2018 Born into a family of wealth and connections, Khashoggi was the nephew of Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.