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17 Apr 2018 Many of the geometry questions also didn't include a diagram, so students had to visualise the problems themselves.
17 Apr 2018 Despite the government's efforts to tackle costs, they're still a burden on students and their parents
16 Apr 2018 A study suggests that students run out of money for at least three months of the year.
12 Apr 2018 There isn’t really any tension, surprises or any particular drama ... which just makes it boring to watch.
12 Apr 2018 Many may have struggled to finish Paper 1 in time while some questions in Paper 2 required a global perspective.
05 Apr 2018 HK Council of Social Service calls for more support at secondary schools.
04 Apr 2018 The HKDSE Chinese Language exam takes place in less than a week (April 9-10). It can be daunting, we know, but don’t worry; this guide will give you a better idea of what to expect in each of the three papers.
03 Apr 2018 Pro-democratic University of Hong Kong professor says Beijing is using him as an example.
30 Mar 2018 No official opening date is set but engineers say building work is complete.