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27 Mar 2018 The public has been urged to remain vigilant in the fight against tuberculosis (TB), despite the number of cases in Hong Kong falling to the lowest level on record last year.
26 Mar 2018 Students from Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School learned about the value of perseverance and hard work during the week-long trip.
26 Mar 2018 Around 2.8 million residents who did not benefit from any of the sweeteners in the last budget will be eligible.
26 Mar 2018 Hong Kong Youth New Runway Programme tour to Africa was an eye opening experience for secondary school students.
23 Mar 2018 If you haven’t yet taken a scenic ride around Hong Kong on a double-decker bus, then you should find the time to do just that.
22 Mar 2018 The number of reported drug users under the age of 21 fell from 518 in 2016, to 455 in 2017.
19 Mar 2018 A simple plot and lots of cute felines make this a relaxing watch for pet-lovers.
19 Mar 2018 People need to be more careful when buying things online, said the Consumer Council.
13 Mar 2018 Ethnic minorities who struggle with the local language will be able to apply for government positions previously denied to them.
12 Mar 2018 Oh no! If Hong Kong is taken over by flesh-eating monsters ... where are the best places to ensure your survival?