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08 Sep 2018 The students have created a cookbook packed with environmentally-friendly recipes that makes the most out of sustainable foods.
06 Sep 2018 Understand why the retrieval practice studying method is to make the best use of your time and efforts and ace that exam.
31 Aug 2018 During the summer break, young people were persuaded to take part in drug-related activities to make money.
30 Aug 2018 A local political party wants to build affordable housing for young Hongkongers over the border.
30 Aug 2018 After-school classes are very popular in Hong Kong, and young students often spend many hours attending extra tutorials. It’s not just about traditional cram schools, though. There are also many centres in the city offering learning through play, too.
29 Aug 2018 Each week, we present the same question to three people from three very different generations. This week…
27 Aug 2018 A boy, 12, was the youngest person to be arrested in the annual “Thunderbolt 18” police raid operation.
25 Aug 2018 Patients stable as investigations show Cheung Chau and Lion Rock Park are the affected areas.
21 Aug 2018 We look at four options for inexpensive and secure places to store all your precious files online.
17 Aug 2018 Nearly 1,600 people signed a petition calling on authorities to set aside HK$1,500 penalty against the elderly scavenger.