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18 Jan 2016 School is so boring. Nothing ever happens at school, right? Hah, that's what you think! Here's a collection of stories by the YP staff that are truly from the classroom of the crazies.
24 Dec 2015 Plenty of good albums were released this year, but here are some of the ones we loved.
24 Dec 2015 This year we watched some great movies and not-so-great movies. Here's a rundown on 2015's best and worst films.
22 Dec 2015 It’s the season of celebration, which naturally means you won’t be able to escape from cheesy tuneage seeping into every shopping centre, lift, restaurant and advert.
13 Dec 2015 To give you some background before you head to the cinema for this blockbuster, YP's Star Wars experts give you the lowdown on that galaxy far, far away.
03 Dec 2015 The cold weather has hit Hong Kong. Are you grateful that winter is finally here?
03 Dec 2015 Congratulations to Justin Charles Medina for winning a Star Wars special-edition PS4 bundle!
28 Nov 2015 As YP's month of Brovember ends, the team shares the male movie characters we each feel most inspired by. Here's our pick of the BROle models and why we love them
25 Nov 2015 Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong
12 Nov 2015 We've opened our annual Winter Short Story competition. If you are a budding creative writer, keen to see your work in print and hopefully win some super-cool prizes, then you need to enter this competition!