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Flute maker Kuniaki Nomata with one of his instruments.
30 Jun 2011 Often left in the shadows, instrument makers are nonetheless essential to the production of beautiful music pieces...
Those with a curious mind_L
16 Jun 2011 Business conference producers must become experts on industries within weeks, identify major themes and attract key speakers. Young Post meets Rosalind Wade from Beacon Events...
02 Jun 2011 In the 70s, the modern quartz clocks revolutionised the watchmaking industry. People predicted the death of mechanical watches...
Jonathan Li, senior consultant of sales and marketing at the headhunting firm Ambition, is a successful professional in the business.
19 May 2011 The job of finding employees for companies requires a certain set of skills. It can be stressful at times but also highly rewarding
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09 May 2011 If you didn't get the chance to see The Green Hornet at the cinema, now is the time to grab the DVD and plan a night of fun at home....
Pierre Pommarede, account executive with Summergate, says your salary can increase rapidly if you work hard from the beginning.
05 May 2011 In February 2007, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah lifted all duty on wine. It paved the way for Hong Kong to become a major wine hub in Asia...
Alyson Hau gets down to work at RTHK's studios. The versatile presenter started her career after winning a contest and has been on radio for 11 years.
14 Apr 2011 A life on the air... &nbsp
Steve McMichael, vice-president of ocean freight services for UPS in Asia Pacific
31 Mar 2011 Logistics of putting 'million-piece jigsaw puzzle' together
Shan Luk puts her creativity to the test in her workshop at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Sham Shui Po
10 Mar 2011 Artist at the top of her glass
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24 Feb 2011 Whether it's Cartier or family-owned jewellery shops, jewellery specialists play a very important role...