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Alan M (left) as Marcus Dahlman and Keon Woong Lee as DHH, in Hong Kong Players' production of Yellow Face.
22 Apr 2012 Since the handover, Hong Kong has faced an identity crisis like never before. We struggle to find our place in the "one country, two systems" policy.
Tings CD_L
22 Apr 2012 Sounds From Nowheresville is English duo The Ting Tings' follow-up to their 2008 smash debut We Started Nothing. The 10-track album is the result ...
Sunny Film_L
22 Apr 2012 Eighties nostalgia gets a Korean facelift in Kang Hyeong-cheol's dramedy Sunny, a heart-warming film about cherishing the bittersweet moments of our youth.
As a child, Lu Chen read every book about magic he could find.
15 Apr 2012 For days, a young Lu Chen could not sleep. The incident kept playing in his mind over and over again. How did she do it? How did the coin disappear into ...
Man On A Ledge Movie_L
15 Apr 2012 In yet another uninspired role, Sam Worthington gives us yet another reason to question his acting chops, bringing his 2012 record thus far to a dismal zero ...
Soul of Bread Movie_L
15 Apr 2012 Twenty-something Ping (Michelle Chen Yan-hsi) has always dreamed of visiting France. Yet she's stuck working at her father's bakery with longtime boyfriend ...
Wrath Titans Movie_L
01 Apr 2012 Trailers often stitch unrelated lines together to suggest one conversation, fooling viewers into believing it's a single piece of dialogue between characters.
Radio DJ Amber Au changed her habits in support of the Earth Hour campaign.
30 Mar 2012 Commercial Radio DJ Amber Au Wing-lam arrives for work at 5.30am every weekday. It's early, but she has no choice - her programme ...
Carnage Movie_L
25 Mar 2012 Conflicts inevitably spring up between kids. Parents often feel obliged to intervene. They're the ones left to pick up the broken pieces and come up with a fix.
Love Strikes Movie_L
18 Mar 2012 The Japanese have a term to describe periods of sudden popularity guys experience with girls. The term is "moteki" and it comes less frequently and passes ...