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Wings Of The Kirin Film_L
24 Jun 2012 I've never read anything by Japanese crime writer Keigo Higashino, but the film adaptation of The Wings of the Kirin feels very much like a novel.
Japanese musician Shigeru Umahara uses the old-fashioned Game Boy to make funky new music.
21 Jun 2012 If you ever came across Shigeru Umahara in transit, he would probably be hunched over on his Game Boy mashing away at the controls.
Journey 2 DVD_L
17 Jun 2012 After receiving a code from an unknown island, code breaker Hank (Dwayne Johnson) and his adventurer step-son Sean (Josh Hutcherson) embark on a journey ...
Muhosha give one of their 'Playback' shows featuring storylines based on the lives of the audience.
10 Jun 2012 To script, or not to script? That is the question many in the drama world contemplate. Traditional theatre prefers the use of scripts, which offer something ...
What to expect Movie_L
10 Jun 2012 The film, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is everything you'd, er, expect in an ensemble comedy about pregnancy and impending parenthood.
Prometheus Movie_L
10 Jun 2012 It all began with a giant elephant-like creature more than 30 years ago. Dubbed "the Space Jockey", it appeared seated in a pod-like device in the original ...
Catriona Newcombe with dance students (from left) Bethan Cotton, 11; Mica Jones, nine; Farhana Greene, nine; Teya Jones, seven.
08 Jun 2012 Irish dance is not just for the Irish. Everyone's welcome and more than ever before in Hong Kong, the dance form is less about being Irish and more about ...
Snow White and the Huntsman Film_L
03 Jun 2012 Casting Kristen Stewart as the "fairest of them all" would make sense in many contexts. Unless, that is - and pardon my crassness - you cast the perennially ...
Annie escapes from the orphanage and meets people like rich businessman Daddy Warbucks
27 May 2012 Good things often come in small packages. And for teen actress Katie Howard, it's her small stature that allowed her to land the dream role of Annie.
Summer Film Preview 2012_L
27 May 2012 The Avengers got the summer off to a sizzling start last month, with the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. The season promises to continue ...