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Passion Pit CD_L
09 Sep 2012 Passion Pit's leading man Michael Angelakos has poured his heart, soul and struggles into the band's latest release, Gossamer. Overall, he's matured as an ...
The Cold Light Movie_L
09 Sep 2012 The Cold Light of Day has high aspirations - on the one hand, it seeks to be a work of poetry; on the other, it wants to be a new Bourne Identity.
The Thieves Movie_L
09 Sep 2012 Korean filmmaker Choi Dong-hoon made his debut in the big-screen heist genre with The Big Swindle; his follow-up is The Thieves.
NBA star Rajon Rondo (right) presents the winner's trophy to Ga Fong Shing-yee.
04 Sep 2012 In basketball slang, the "rock" is the ball. Common usage: "Pass the rock (note the lowercase "r"), Bill, you hog!" It's also the nickname for Alcatraz ...
Intouchables Movie_L
02 Sep 2012 Don't confuse The Intouchables with The Untouchables. The two films could not be more different.
Friends with Kids Movie_L
02 Sep 2012 Best friends Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) know firsthand about the romance killer: being married with children. As they see it ...
Twins Julio Acconci (left) and Dino Acconci of Soler say there are many dimensions to what they do.
02 Sep 2012 You know them primarily for their soulful music and exotic looks, but there's more to Soler than just a pair of pretty faces. Yes, twins Julio and Dino Acconci ...
Diva Film_L
26 Aug 2012 Public consumption of celebrity gossip has never been greater, as fans hunt for stories on their idols. Diva takes a peek into the world of showbusiness.
ParaNorman Film_L
19 Aug 2012 Eleven-year-old Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee) has a unique ability - he can see and speak with the dead. That makes him an outcast, along with Neil ...
Sunny tune_L
18 Aug 2012 The problem with fun under the sun is that you need to be under the sun. And that is where the problem lies.