Frozen thriller a wipeout

Frozen thriller a wipeout


by James Whittle

A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Antarctica in Whiteout. There's nowhere to hide - if the murderer doesn't get you, the millions of kilometres of ice, below-freezing temperatures or gale-force winds will.

The movie is based on a four-part graphic novel of the same name published in 1998 by comic book writer Greg Rucka (Action Comic, Detective Comics) and artist Steve Lieber (Detective Comics, Hawkman). It stars Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), Gabriel Macht (The Spirit), Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard) and Tom Skerritt (Contact).

A body on the ice means US Marshall Carrie Stetko (Beckinsale) has to solve Antarctica's first-ever homicide. The investigation for the person responsible leads Stetko on a bizarre hunt across the frozen waste land.

So far, so interesting a concept. But unfortunately it doesn't live up to its promise. Whiteout is a simple and instantly forgettable thriller that's not worth the price of the ticket.

The movie suffers from a lack of character development and a number of plot problems that should have been resolved.

The best performance in the whole movie is delivered by the freezing, harsh environment of Antarctica - the human cast express less emotion than this great, white wonderland. Save your money for a fleecy hat and coat in case you ever decide to visit.



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