YP beauty tricks and secrets - part 3

YP beauty tricks and secrets - part 3

In the final part of our beauty tips series, the YP team offers some more pearls of wisdom on looking and feeling fab …

A trick that is particularly handy in Hong Kong's humidity is to keep eyeliner pencils in the fridge. This stops eyeliner from going too soft and smudging, and means I can get a more precise line.

Lucy Christie

It's a myth that oily or acne-prone skin doesn't need to be moisturised. Sometimes a breakout can actually be a symptom of dehydration. Do a little research, or head to the beauty section of a department store for a free consultation to find a product that matches your skin type. You can always take that knowledge and pop down to Sasa for a budget version. Be sure to slap it on twice a day after cleansing. No excuses!

Lauren James

If you're curly-haired, don't follow rules for non-curly girls. Your hair - roots included - needs moisture. That means slathering conditioner on, leaving it for five minutes, rinsing it out, then smoothing some more through and not rinsing it. Your hair is awesome. Love it, and it will be even more awesome.

Karly Cox

On days when I've had too little sleep, and under-eye concealer isn't going to cut it, I use a pearlescent highlight along the upper edge of my cheekbones, just under the outer corner of my eyes. A little highlighting there gives the illusion of looking more awake and rested.

Particularly because I love bright lips, to make my lip colour last longer, I layer it. I lay down a lip stain as the base, give it a minute, and blot it. Then I apply a lipstick, give it a minute, and blot it. Then I peel apart a two-ply tissue to lay just one ply over my lips, and dust a translucent powder over my lips through the tissue, before reapplying the same lipstick. Lasts for hours.

Heidi Yeung

Yoga is an exercise that relaxes body and mind. Doing it just before bed physically and mentally prepares me for sleep by releasing tension in my body and putting my mind at ease. Then, I drift off into a deep sleep as soon as I hit the pillow. Getting a good sleep means I wake up feeling refreshed, and my body gets more recovery time.

I trim my beard regularly, but I also have to make sure I'm not growing a moustache out of my nostrils! If only a few stray nose hairs are long enough to make an appearance, I just pluck them out. It brings a tear to the eye, but it's quick and the results last a long time. On days when I look like I've been snorting gerbils, I have some grooming to do. Some people prefer an electric nose hair trimmer, but I go with a simpler, cheaper option: round-tipped scissors from Aeon Home Living for just HK$12, to safely snip away any nasal bushes.

Sam Gusway

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