Script: Listening Exercise 43

Script: Listening Exercise 43

Sam looks for a flat

Sam comes from UK. She’s got a job as a research engineer for a company located in the Science Park in Shatin. At the moment, Sam is talking to a rental agent in Tai Po about finding a flat.

Agent: Now this first flat is a bargain. It’s in Tai Po centre, so it’s very convenient. The monthly rent is five thousand two hundred. That’s good too for what you get.

Sam: How big is it?

Agent: It’s four hundred and thirty three square feet and most of that is useable space. There is only a very small lobby outside the front door.

Sam: Right.

Agent: It’s on the fourth floor of a storey block. There is a living room, small kitchen, bathroom and main bedroom. There is another room that is classed as a storeroom but which could be used as a single bedroom. This flat has a good layout.

Sam: A second bed room would be useful. But it must be very small.

Agent: It is big enough to hold a single bed but nothing else.

Sam: When is the flat available?

Agent: The present tenants are due to move out next week so it will be available at the beginning of next month.

Sam: What’s the minimum contract?

Agent: The landlord wants eighteen months minimum but I’m sure he would accept a year. There is also a small balcony by the living area and a place downstairs for storage.

Sam: Ok. And the next one?

Agent: This is a bigger flat. It’s five hundred and fifty square feet and it has two bedrooms, a shower room, a separate toilet and a small kitchen.

Sam: And it’s in Tai Po?

Agent: Yes, just over the bridge from Jusco. It’s six thousand a month and it's a minimum contract of one year. It’s on the twenty-seventh floor. It is available for you to move in immediately. There is a good view from the window in the living room and there is a balcony.

Sam: That sounds promising.

Agent: The third one that I want to show you is actually in ShaTin. It’s five hundred square feet and it’s a ground floor flat. It’s bigger than the first one but it only has one bedroom. Kitchen, bathroom and large living area. It will be available in the middle of October and the minimum contract is eighteen months. It’s five thousand nine hundred a month.

Sam: That’s okay.

Agent: There is a space downstairs to store a bike if you have one and the landlord is willing to redecorate the whole flat before you move in.

Sam: And the last one?

Agent: This is a studio in Tai Po Centre on the top floor. It’s only five thousand a month. There’s a shower room but no separate kitchen or bedroom. It’s three hundred and seventy-five square feet.

Sam: I’m not sure about a studio.

Agent: Well, we can go and have a look at it. It is available now and I’m sure the landlord would let you rent it for six months. It’s got electric blinds on all the windows and a fantastic view towards ShaTin.

Sam: That’s a lot for me to see and think about.

Agent: Let’s go and see them. I’m sure there’ll be one that suits you.


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