Adam Sandler's new comedy is fun bit pretty lazy [Review]

Adam Sandler's new comedy is fun bit pretty lazy [Review]

Why is life always hard on the good guys? Max (Adam Sandler) is an honest cobbler continuing the family business by day and taking care of his ailing mother by night.

But he's not happy. He's reaching middle age, he's not rich, and he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Everything changes when he discovers a magical sewing machine in the basement, which allows him to become another person on the outside while staying himself on the inside, just by putting on their shoes.

The Cobbler is good fun but the film could have gone much further beyond its superficial level. We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this is exactly what it does. It doesn't bother to explore the personality of the various characters Max becomes, and fails to revoke stereotypes. The fat boy and the cross-dressing man are targets of ridicule right to the end.

The twist in the ending was predictable, and some scenes were unconvincing, like when Max pretends to be his father.

But maybe I'm being too serious. It is, after all, an Adam Sandler movie.

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