Save the print media

Save the print media

When was the last time you bought a magazine or newspaper? The internet seems to be replacing the print media. The latest news from around the world is just a mouse click away.

As the bond between the print media and readers weakens, it is hard for reporters to be enthusiastic about creating high-quality news for the public.

Instead, they might aim to satisfy the demands of businessmen who advertise in their publications. We should not allow the print media to become the playground of businessmen. We need to make a small sacrifice - spend a few dollars on a newspaper or magazine - if we want to save the print media.

Sophia So, Hang Seng School of Commerce

From the Editor

Thanks for your letter, Sophia. This is a subject that is close to the heart. There is much to be said in defence of newspapers. When people go to the internet they tend to only go to sites which interest them, not general news sites. This means they miss out on a lot of things they should know but don't know about. With a newspaper, you get, at least, to see all the headlines.

If you are not getting your news from reliable sources on the internet you might not be getting the truth. Print journalists are bound by a code of ethics, while anyone who wants to can write a blog or put up a website. When we realise this we can see that often people who report stories have some sort of agenda and might not be presenting us with all the facts.

People think that by not buying newspapers they are 'saving forests', but this is not true. Newsprint is grown in sustainable forests that might not exist if it were not for the huge demand for the paper. Furthermore, newsprint can be recycled into bedding for horses - the horses that came to Hong Kong for the Olympics had sweet dreams of victory on beds of the South China Morning Post - or even flame retardant housing insulation. There are many more benefits to print newspapers, I wonder if our readers would like to share their reasons for buying papers.

Susan, Editor


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