Truly magical rock offering

Truly magical rock offering


by James Whittle

In their fifth studio album, Muse brings a magic that has not been heard since Queen's Innuendo (1991). The Resistance mixes a number of musical genres including pop, rock, electro synth and classical.

The album opens with Uprising, a rousing synth-pop-rock piece that could have been the combined efforts of Blondie and Kiss. The opening sci-fi synth intro is reminiscent of the Doctor Who theme tune, and it's difficult to resist head-banging to the bass-heavy. The lyrics are almost a rocker's mantra: "They will not force us/ They will not degrade us/ They will not control us/ We will be victorious."

The title track brings the tempo down for the slow and sombre orchestral intro that leads into a melodic piano piece. It then modulates into a Queen-like rock chorus with a stirring crescendo then swiftly drops back down to the sombreness of the opening.

Unnatural Selection will appeal to anyone who likes a little noise: the intense guitar playing will rattle your windows.

Exogenesis: Symphony,, an extravagantly arranged three-part orchestral suite, is the album's highlight. It opens with a soaring Aaron Copland/George Gershwin-like piano intro that is worthy of being expanded into a full sonata. The middle section is pure rock opera, and the final segment opens with a soothing Chopin-esque etude, the perfect end to a powerful and rousing album.



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