Engineered coincidences

Engineered coincidences

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by Rebecca Tsui

Although there are a few stars featured on the promotional poster, Louis Koo Tin-lok seems to be the only one who actually appears in the crime thriller Accident. If nothing else, this gives Koo an opportunity to demonstrate just how much his acting has improved.

Produced by Johnnie To, the film initially seems quite simple. Koo plays The Brain, the head of a group of hired assassins who make the killings look like accidents.

The first 'accident' is hugely dramatic and visually arresting. A series of apparent coincidences causes a window to fall out of a building and drop on a man standing below, killing him. Of course, this is no accident, but a carefully choreographed assassination planned by The Brain and his team.

But when one of his team members dies in a car crash, The Brain starts considering the possibility that they are not the only people capable of causing such accidents. He thinks back to his wife's death in a supposed car accident, and decides he needs to find out if he in fact has rivals in the business.

When he sees the mysterious Fong (Richie Ren) on the scene of the latest accident, The Brain's paranoia increases, as he becomes convinced Fong is going to make him the next victim.

By the end of the film, The Brain learns that assumptions are dangerous, and some things really are just accidents.



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