Not only news...

Not only news...

Many different types of people do many different jobs to produce a newspaper. We all know that reporters write the news and photographers take the pictures, but here are other jobs people at a newspaper do.

Accounting Department
The department that pays the bills and the salaries, collect the money and makes sure every cent is accounted for.

Circulation Department
This department is responsible for selling the newspapers and making sure they are delivered to the shops or homes of the readers.

Customer Service
Subscription sales
Single-copy sales

Classifieds Department
This department takes the small ads people want to put in the newspaper. They make sure people are charged the right amount of money and the page is all correct.

Computer Department
Someone needs to keep the system flowing smoothly

Display Advertising Department
These people are responsible for selling advertising space in the newspaper, like the big adverts you see for Louis Vuitton.
Sales people

Editorial Department
News reporters
Sports reporters
Opinion reporters
Entertainment reporters


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