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More than a pretty face - just

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Asian Mariah Coco Lee took about two years to complete her new album East to West which, as the title suggests, blends Western elements with her Eastern origins. Unfortunately, the blend is unsurprising.

The album design is eye-catching, but rather cliched - it's very much a 'Westernised' Chinese design, with a pseudo-Chinese symbol combining the character for 'east' and 'west'.

Opener Love Now is a remake of Jay Sean's Maybe. It's one of those upbeat dance songs typical of Lee: it will get you moving, but once you've heard Sean's original, you'll feel a little ripped off.

Other tracks like Party Time, BYOB, Already Loved and Ready or Not are more examples of the dance beats Lee is known for, and will get you straight on the dance floor.

The only surprises are the two tracks composed and arranged by singer-songwriter Khalil Fong. This may seem a strange combination if you think of Lee as a dance-floor-filler, but cast your mind back to the theme song from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Lee actually possesses a fantastically strong voice.

Beautiful Theme Song has a clean, acoustic soul background, while 3 Hearts is undeniably Fong's work, a calm, retro song that suit's Lee's voice perfectly. If she sticks to this kind of music in the future, Lee can expect to be around for a long time.

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