Justin Bieber gives Hong Kong two killer whales for his Bizzleland theme park

Justin Bieber gives Hong Kong two killer whales for his Bizzleland theme park

Star donates two killer whales to Bizzleland in Hong Kong to thank his loyal fans, writesApril Fu

Bizzle loves Hong Kong, and he digs whales, so guess what he's going to do? That's right: the Biebs is donating two orcas - or killer whales - to the city.

"Mr Bieber is really touched by all the support he's had from his Hong Kong fans," said his spokesman Justin Jest. "And he knows how disappointed everyone was when they found out they couldn't see whales at Ocean Park.

"So he thought it would be a great idea to give these two lovely animals to Hong Kong. Moreover, he plans to build an entirely new theme park in Cape D'Aguilar for his new friends."

The cost of bringing the two orcas - still to be captured from the pristine coast of Canada - will run close to US$90 million. But the Biebs hopes the Hong Kong government will help with the cost of the theme park.

"We've had a look at the area," said Jest, "and it is beautiful."

"Because the whales will come from an ocean close to Bizzle's home," Jest added, "he thinks it will be an especially touching gift, as they will remind visitors to the park that he is proud of being a Canadian.

"They should never ever suggest that he is anything else."

While many knew of his love for monkeys, like Mally the capuchin that got left in Germany, Jest said the Biebs has always loved whales, too.

"What better way to learn about these intelligent creatures than putting them in an aquarium and making them perform tricks for hundreds of people each day," the Biebs said. "Loads of mainlanders go to Ocean Park and so they will go to Bizzleland, too.

"Most people will never get to see an orca in the wild, so I thought I would bring the wild to Hong Kong."

Jest has already found a trainer who is willing to move to Hong Kong to train the orcas to do tricks.

Joe King is an experienced whale trainer from the United States, who specialises in helping freshly captured orcas adapt to their new homes.

He told Young Post he was excited to be coming to Hong Kong as he really likes dim sum and sushi. He says the sushi helps him to bond with the orcas, because they eat so much fish and they can smell it on his breath when he talks to them.

Some of the tricks he has in mind for Bizzle's pair include teaching them to spit on the public and to urinate into buckets.

"It's Bieber's trademark," said King, "and we want to keep that idea alive in the minds of park visitors."

While there has been no official confirmation of the new park being sanctioned by the government, Fun Mei-kerin Cheef, of the Greater Asia Geographical Society, said the move was a terrible idea.

"No one will go all that way out into the wilds of Hong Kong to see two whales," she said. "It will just look so bad for the city. We need to make them more central, or easier to reach."

She proposed a new town development and an MTR station to make transport easier. She said roads would have to be widened and more estates built.

"It will certainly bring life to the area," Ms Cheef said. "And there will be shopping malls that will boost the economy in that area.

"But I don't want anything being taken away from Central. It might become a ghost town as all the tourists flock to Bizzleland."

Ms Cheef said her group would definitely hold anti-Biebs protests in the park on Sundays, when they were finished with their other marches against the government.

"Our calendar is full almost to Christmas," she confessed, "but some of these issues might be resolved before then."

Ms Cheef urged all Hongkongers to wear black and white armbands to school or work to show they do not support the whales coming to Hong Kong.

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