Letters from the dorm: Advice for would-be students

Letters from the dorm: Advice for would-be students


Advice for would-be students_L
Photo: Alex Wong Ka-chun

Now, at the start of my second semester, I'd like to share a few of my experiences as an architecture student for those who are thinking of studying the subject at university.

Perfectionists will struggle to finish on time
Don't spend too much time trying to make your model or drawing perfect, or it may never be completed. It's much better to work on a new model that offers a different perspective to your project, rather than simply making your original one more "attractive" until it looks far better than it needs to be.

Learn designing software by yourself online
Universities might give some obligatory lectures about this subject, but you will find you're too sleep-deprived to understand your lecturer, or he'll be too boring to listen to. Either way, you'll end up falling asleep and having to search for tutorials online - which aren't that bad at all! You'll find tutorial videos are so specific and accessible that they'll help you learn far better than your tutors.

Studying alongside friends works best
I love working in studios because I am surrounded by people who have the same goals (and struggles) as I do. We will all lend each other stationery and exchange ideas; some of the best parts of my projects have come from a friend's random spark of genius. On the other hand, some students like to work at home, but they're missing out on lots of laughs and gossip!

All-night studying really does not pay off
You are not at your best when you spend the whole night rushing to finish your work. It means you are not managing your time well! Caffeine can carry you only so far; a sleepless night will leave you feeling exhausted the next morning. It will become particularly damaging if it means you can't make any sense of your project; if you can't understand it, nor will your professors and tutors!

Remember: your health is more important than your project, and it's definitely not going to be the end of the world if you don't finish it on time.


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